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Many companies claim that their billiard tables are "All-wood" or "100% wood"; but these are composite wood, which is different from the quality of solid wood buildings. It is well known that slow-growing American hardwood, such as oak, maple, cherry wood and walnut, is better than artificial wood skins (such as plywood), Russian maple, and Chinese birch (also known as rubber wood). Many companies make billiards tables with MDF (MDF is a sawdust glued together under pressure). A very thin decorative veneer laminated to two medium density fiberboard, making it look solid wood. Many manufacturers have perfected the art route through veneer engraving lines and coloring medium density fiberboard to match the completion. As a consumer, it may be hard to see the difference, but as time goes on, you'll find out!

Although it can be argued that MDF technology can be called solid wood (because sawdust is technically wood), it certainly does not support the weight of slate, which decreases and deforms over time. Slow-growing American hardwood is much better than Russian maple, Chinese birch and rubber wood used on almost all imported billiard tables.

The quality difference between solid wood building and "whole wood" or "100% wood" is not only suitable for billiards table, but also suitable for the whole furniture industry. So, when you're buying furniture, make sure you keep that in mind.

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The word "Made in America" is used quite loosely in the billiards industry. Some companies claim their tables are "made in the United States" because billiard tables are built in your home (after all, in the United States).

For example, a popular American billiard table company claims that their billiard tables are made in the United States, when in fact 99% of billiards table parts are made in Malaysia and China. The parts are tightly loaded into containers and then shipped from overseas to a distribution point in Cleveland, Ohio, and stored in warehouses until they are ready to be assembled into a billiard table. However, the company insisted they had a legal right to claim their table was "made in the United States" because imported parts were assembled in Ohio. In fact, the brand is sold on the internet, in many patio and pool stores and some major retail chains claim they are "made in America."

In the United States, the pool table company that actually produces billiards tables is less than a handful. These American manufacturers do not sell billiards tables directly to consumers, nor do they allow their billiard tables to be sold on the Internet. One rule of thumb is that if this table is sold online, then it is most likely made overseas. So, when you're shopping online or shopping in a store, ask about the country of origin of the raw materials at the billiard table.

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While most of our billiard tables have a lifetime warranty, many companies do so to give you a buyer's confidence. Certain warranties are valid only if the manufacturer and/or Internet-based retailer continues to operate! In fact, many manufacturers, especially import and internet companies, go out of business every 1-3 years.

Few companies guarantee their rubber cushions because they use a rubber that is known to be broken, and it is very expensive to replace. Most companies won't even vouch for their billiard tables to make sure they play horizontally, because poorly designed billiard tables are impossible to play horizontally. For example, has the following disclaimer on a traditional American billiard table * Warranty does not include readjusting the billiard table.

As we provide and install all of our billiard tables with our own professionally trained staff, we guarantee that the ball will roll straight!

Free shipping is a way for online retailers to say that it always makes you feel like you're buying something that's a good deal. Free delivery works well for small packages, but it's a complete disaster when delivering large, heavy-game tables. You may have had a good experience delivering small packages via UPS or FedEx. Unfortunately, UPS and FedEx do not ship large items, such as billiard tables and game tables, which must be shipped through traditional freight companies.

For example, many large game tables are delivered free of charge to the door. The key word here is: "Roadside." If it is in conjunction with "delivery" (delivery), it means that a large tractor will stop on the road in front of your house between 9 o'clock in the morning. And 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Then the truck driver will move your package to the back of the trailer, and from now on, you'll be responsible for moving it from the truck to your home!

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